Thursday, January 22, 2015

Excerpt from DESERT ANGEL a Family Justice Novel Book 2

Your enthusiasm for the continuing saga of the 
Justice Brothers continues to blow me away!
I'm totally jumping the gun a bit with this excerpt - but just had to share!

Copyright 2015 Suzanne Halliday / HalliFox Publishing

They said nothing for a couple of bites before Alex went back to their conversation.
“So, here’s the thing fuck face,” he said taking a deep breath. “There’s some tradition that says the groom needs a best man. Bunch of bullshit about having a second in case of cold feet.”
Parker made a strangled sound and quickly reached for his glass of water. After a quick recovery he mumbled, “Holy shit.”
Alex shook his head with a hint of a smile and sat back heavily in his chair. “Crap. Like asking Meghan to marry me wasn’t enough. Now I have to grovel to your sorry ass as well.”
“Hold on! Hold on!” Parker wheezed with laughter. Putting his utensils down, he wiped his mouth on a napkin, then reached across the table and took one of Alex’s hands.
Anyone watching would assume they were a fucking couple. He wanted to throttle the asshole.
Grinning broadly Parker snickered, “Okay. That’s better. Now ask me and make it good Marquez. It’s not every day a guy gets asked to be in a wedding.”
Alex’s eyes widened at the jest, which was said just loud enough for the two tables nearest them to hear. One of the female patrons looked at them and made that Oh, how romantic expression.
The fucker. Okay. Two could play that game. Clearing his throat dramatically, Alex sandwiched Parker’s big paw between his hands and squeezed. Hard.
In a voice equally as loud and attention getting he said, “Parker Sullivan. Will you do me the great honor of coming with me to Boston and stand by my side at the altar for a marriage that was destined to be?”
It was a priceless fucking moment made even better because Alex knew damn well at least one cell phone camera had captured the proposal.
Parker burst out laughing, followed quickly by Alex who nearly fell over from the absurdity of the scene they were creating.
“This calls for champagne!”
“Why? Because I’m paying for it?” Alex drawled.

“You can afford it,” Parker said tsking. “And you knew I wasn’t a cheap date when you asked me out.”
Can't wait for DESERT ANGEL?
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But in the meantime...
Wilde Heart is publishing in February.
Cover reveal coming soon!
Book 2 in the Wilde Women series is Rhiann and Liam's story

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reviews really are important

Would it come as a surprise to learn that I rarely read my reviews? Actually, I do read the ones that are brought to my attention...but the truth is, this writer gets waaaaay too emotional about such things.

When I published my first story (under a pen name) and a reader trashed the technical aspects of the writing (not the story itself) I was so mortified that it took a year and a half for me to dip my toe in the publishing waters again!

Coming back STRONG after something that almost defeated me, the pen name got kicked to the curb, I "grew a set" ::giggle snort:: and took a leap of faith.

Why? Because I felt the stories I had to share were worth telling and a few misplaced commas and some sloppy head-hopping in the narrative didn't change that.

I'm lucky enough to have a kick-ass assistant who also happens to be a 23 years long BFF who stays on top of reviews and stuff like that.

Today--she posted this marvelous reader comment about Family Justice Book 1 ~ ALWAYS.

All joking aside, I teared up.

Those Justice boys are close to my heart. After spending so much time developing a cadre of strong, unique characters...that a reader found something positive to say and share about them ~ well, it touched me deeply.

So....sharing is necessary! Please click the link :-)


I'd love to hear your thoughts and yes! There's more Family Justice to come.