Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Blues

This is what a waking nightmare looked like as it gathered on the power lines in our neighborhood earlier this week. One day, 14" of heavy, wet snow followed twenty-fours later by an epic ice storm on TOP of the snow.

Was without power (us and 700,000 of our closest friends!) for way too long.  As day 2 approached, shit was getting weird! Because the crisis was so HUGE and widespread, even if we could have gotten out of the house it wouldn't have made any difference. Everything was closed. Even the local malls. That hot tea I was craving? Unless a Bic lighter could create enough power/heat for a mug of water, I was shit-of-of-luck.

We have gotten so much snow since Christmas - 42" and counting - that it's messing with local school calendars due to the multiple snow closings, late starts and early dismissals.

There's the threat of another storm x2 in the 10 day forecast. Really? 

Here's the funny part .... it was a calculated decision to spend winter on the east coast. At the end of October, we were planted quite happily on the Gulf of Mexico, deciding what to do about the holidays. Spending time with family won the debate so we scurried back to  the northeast and set up camp in the family homestead. 

Achy Breaky Big Mistakey!
It's been one weather related nightmare after another.

In my mind, I rationalized that if the weather turned to crap, I'd have more time to focus on writing. After all, I've got three working manuscripts up on the board so being forced to stay in didn't seem like a problem. Clearly, I underestimated the effects of winter cabin fever!!!

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