Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring has Sprung (maybe) 2014

Just returning from a spring break jaunt to the ocean. A five state, eight hours of driving jaunt at that! This annual adventure with the G'Kids, which began MANY years, ago started out with diaper bags and car seats and resembled a logistical nightmare of epic proportion. Now, we pack light and 'git 'er done, with a crazy precision that makes me smile. I've taught my little "dude army" how to travel with a minimum of fuss and bother! 

In some weirdly delusional part of my brain, I imagined this years' adventure would allow me some quality down time that included plenty of time to write, stay connected with my social media, and dream about character development and new story ideas.

Seriously now - who the hell was I kidding?

There's something special about our "happy place" that empties my brain and makes working nearly impossible!

So, I've lost practically an entire week but that's okay. I figured that unhooking from the endless flow of information and communication that all this lovely technology makes possible was probably a good thing. Gave me a chance to decompress mentally, figuratively, spiritually. After all, the time spent with my boys is what sustains my soul ..... everything else needs to sit in the third row back seat and wait its turn!

Adding a new NOTE TO SELF. Don't be fooled into thinking that vacation is prime work time 'cause it ain't gonna' happen! Nor should it.

The moral of this story is present. Grab the special times with both hands. Make memories instead of meeting self-imposed deadlines. Remember to feel the love!

Happy Spring Everyone!

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