Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Writer's Life

I’ve been incredibly busy in my new writing corner. Once there actually WAS a corner for me to hunker in to, it was an easy set-up and immediate settling in. Moving is stressful enough as it is. When you figure in important day-to-day details that can’t get swept away in the confusion, the reality can sometimes get rather daunting. SoI put decades of teaching experience to practical use and created what is essentially a traveling mini-office. I think it’s pretty damn awesome.

First I started with an assortment of clear plastic bins the kind with the snap on handle lock lids (because eventually they’ll be taking a 2K mile road trip).Then I got serious. What were the absolute BASICS of what I needed during the stretch of time ahead when I’d be uprooted, traveling, in temporary digs, etc.?

So here’s what you’re seeing. One bin is actually stuffed with Silhouette Vinyl supplies. I have the small Portrait machine in its box ready to travel as well. Takes two minutes to connect with computer and get craftingSeemed like a smart use of dead time in hotels and stuff.

Another of the bins holds a series of notebooks pertaining to WIP’s plus random business paperwork.There is even a special zipper pouch for keeping the hundreds of receipts that follow me aroundOne bin holds miscellaneous stuffPre-made swag bags, hole punch, pouch of stamps, envelopes.    

The compact travel bin on top is really coolIt’s three small, deep containers with lids that snap to each other to make the tower.The top container has an insert assorted size compartments for office supplies like clips. And that top container also has a carry handle.

So once I was organized and had claimed a corner, it was time to put on my writer’s crown (yes, it’s a necessary accessory that lives on a small light within easy reach) and get back to work..

Family Justice Book 1 ~ Always has been keeping me awake at nights! Readers have enthusiastically asked for more where my three fabulous Justice Brothers are concernedI don’t think anyone will be disappointed by Always.The story most definitely continues .expect a release date announcement soon but I’m guessing first week in November.!

And then there’s Wilde Women Book 2 - Rhiann’s Story. The working title for that story had been Wilde Romance but once I started writing and the characters came into clear focus, I went with a subtle change and have decided on Wilde Heart instead.. Rhiann and Liam’s tale will be something of a bumpy ride! Not every guaranteed happily ever after is easy. And besides, what is true love anyway? When not Disneyfied, it can be messy, chaotic and challenging. Oh, a let’s not forget sexy, exciting, sizzling, and demanding. Yum! Sounds like a recipe for a great read.

If you haven’t read Brynn’s story Wilde Forever what are you waiting for? It’s 5 star rated on Amazon and GoodReads and has gotten tons of love and attention from readers!!! Brynn and Jax were such fun to write and I tried to shine some light on what PTSD can be like, years after the factI loved that Brynn was cool-headed and straightforward about Jax’s issues and that he knew when to step away and ask for help.

So there you have it! A small window of insight into my take on A Writer’s LifeAutumn is getting into full swing mode now. Aware that this will be the last time I’ll be in my childhood home watching the leaves turn and fall hasn’t been bittersweet at all. Change is good and in this case a long time coming. When I step outside the detail-specific grind of packing, selling and moving, I feel nothing but excitement and clarity where the future is concerned. This is yet another leap of faith one that was always going to show up.

Onward ~

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