Sunday, July 20, 2014

Worker Bee

When I was a nine-to-fiver, my work ethic could best be described as Worker Bee. The more I had to do ~ the merrier! Somehow I thought...'hmmm, what will I do now that I'm not punching a time clock?'

Turns out, I shouldn't have worried. There are so many characters and stories rattling around in my head that I play catch-up most days just trying to give them all some oxygen :-)

I loved writing the Justice Brothers series. It was exhilarating exploring the world of the three 'brothers' and finding just the right lady for each of them.

Having grown up in a family of sisters, it started me thinking about a series based on three very different siblings ~ who weren't exactly looking for love ~ and what the man would be like who would stop each sister in their tracks!

So, I'm introducing, the Wilde Woman! A baker, a writer and a wyld child.  

tells the story of the eldest sister, Brynn Baron-Wilde. She's the brainy one. Smart, accomplished, pragmatic, she's also divorced and far too focused on making a success of her business to worry about men.
Enter Jackson Merrill.  
Jax is a Veteran with emotional baggage from his time in Iraq who gave up a promising medical career to find his work-zen doing specialized restoration and renovation. In between clients, he reluctantly gives in to a request from his parents and sought out the owner of Wilde House to see if his expertise could be helpful. What he hadn't counted on was getting hit straight on by a lightening bolt of lust that quickly turned into something even more powerful when the owner turns out to be one very sexy, insanely gorgeous lady with a huge man-eating chip on her shoulder.
These two go from zero to red hot and naked in record time ~ where things get intense right away. It's the old, who's in charge, dilemma. Brynn wants control - it's how she keeps her neat, well-ordered life running smoothly and Jax, well - Jax needs control. For him it's about feeding a primal hunger.
There's interference and drama of course. Brynn's family is always hovering nearby, causing all sorts of mayhem while Jax has his own issues to grapple with. When the past crashes their romantic interlude, his problems threaten to derail the tiny relationship steps the've been taking.
In the end, it's about learning from our experiences and moving forward. Sometimes we overcome the obstacles, and sometimes, we don't. It's all about the journey, after all.

COMING SOON - August 2014
Book 1 ~ The Wilde Women

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