Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is that Autumn I see Approaching?

How is it that summer 2014 flew by so fast? Are you as stunned as I am to find school buses on the move and Halloween/Christmas merchandise appearing in stores? It seems surreal. 

So REDEEMING JUSTICE came out to rave reviews and I couldn't be more pleased. For this author, I loved writing that last story in the three book Justice Brothers series. Alex was quite simply - my kind of guy! He had a little bit of everything going on and only a strong (but soft) woman with her shit together was going to make the complex man sit up and take notice.

It's thrilling when readers "get" a character and the feedback I've received for Meghan and Alex's love story makes me smile. And think .........

After completing the three Justice Brothers books I got started on something a bit different. A new series, this time about sisters, was up on my "TO DO" list. As of this post, the first book WILDE FOREVER in the Wilde Women series is about to publish.

It's the story of the oldest sibling, Brynn. She's one of those over-acheiving, by the book types who's sworn off men after a nasty divorce. Of course only a hot, alpha male will be what shakes up her normally well-ordered life!

Coming from a family of sisters, I know all too well how very different each gal can be from the others and it was fun and challenging writing Brynn's story. There's a bunch or twists and turns along the way - just like in real life - and her hunky alpha isn't exactly a walk-in-the-park but you just know that the love they have for each other is worth the emotional journey.

In Brynn's story we also meet the middle sister - Rhiann. Her story WILDE ROMANCE will be one helluva' bumpy ride! Rhiann's tale is no easy or simple road to love .... not that she was looking.

I'd planned on following up Wilde Women book one with book two not far behind but guess what?!?! With readers clamoring for more of my sexy, alpha Justice Brothers, I've taken a writing detour and done a follow-up which will catch everyone up on the brothers and give some secondary characters their place in the bigger saga. Expect the first title in the follow-up FAMILY JUSTICE series to release in early October. 

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Hope y'all had an amazing summer and are ready for the change of seasons barreling at us at full steam!

Happy Reading ~

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