Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From the Road

RoadTrip  WestwardHo

Note to Self: publishing the much anticipated follow-up to the Justice Brothers series while in the midst of a cross-country move probably isn’t a smart idea.


So….we’re staring down the last seven hundred or so miles until reaching our destination in the desert southwest. When folks ask why we didn’t fly—I point to the following:

Watching the country change from lush east coast autumn foliage to vistas like in the picture is the reason why. Being able to drive coast-to-coast is a unique experience that appeals to the romantic inside me. That’s where my writing and storytelling lives.

I’m beyond excited that ALWAYS a Family Justice Novel is about to publish. Spending time with those Justice boys is no hardship for me! I love telling their stories and really enjoyed taking Alex, Cam and Drae on to new adventures.

While I’ve been going through this life-changing road trip, (and the frantic weeks before hitting the road) my BFF Shauna Miller has graciously agreed to step in and keep things lively and interesting on my Facebook page. Make sure you stop by and give her shit! 

She’s also bravely playing Property Manager (house is on the market! OMG – just keep breathing) and G-Son wrangler while we get settled 2500 miles away. I’m going to owe her BIG TIME!!!!! But that’s what friends are for J

Here’s a little teaser-tease from ALWAYS featuring Alex’s wonderful way of putting things as he and Meghan celebrate their first Thanksgiving together with all of Family Justice. Enjoy!

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