Sunday, November 23, 2014

Writer's Life #454

And so here we are!
Different time zone
Waving distance to the Pacific
Under the Desert Sun

Funny thing about a 2500 mile road trip ~ LOADS of time to think about characters, story development, new projects and how to connect with readers.

After face-planting last night and sleeping in this morning (I'm blaming the three time zone changes!) my first priority after diving mouth first into a vat of hot tea was to hunker down at the computer and pull a ton of stuff out of my brain....almost all of it centered around the next Wilde Women book.

Rhiann and Liam's story has been swirling in my thoughts for quite some time. Writing an Alpha bad boy requires a keen understanding of his history and how he got to be the man he became.  I like Liam's backstory. This guy has some SHIT in his past that makes him complicated, conflicted and yes.....slightly dangerous. Sometimes righting a wrong requires bending or completely shredding the rules. But when it comes to Rhiann Baron-Wilde, all that Alpha bad-assery and rule bending doesn't mean shit. Isn't that always the way?

I'm all over the map on a title for this story. My first outline was labeled Wilde Passion(s) but I've been losing enthusiasm for that and toying with Wilde Heart. ::heavy sigh:: Wish there was a way to poll readers and ask them what they think! 

Had planned a much longer post but to be honest.....Rhiann's story is knocking on my brain and all I want to do is write, write, WRITE!!!!!

Oh yeah and ALWAYS~a Family Justice Novel Book 1 is up on the queue for publication any damn day! Ahhh, my Justice boys. LOVE them~ they're never far from my thoughts. It's nerve-wracking when a follow-up story is about to go into reader's hands. The response to Cameron, Draegyn and Alex has been thrilling for this first time author and I want to do right by them.

And as if that isn't enough ..... moving cross country on a wing and a prayer/writing a new story/publishing a Justice book....I'm reading my ass off too! Right now my Kindle feels like it weighs a ton from all the books I've downloaded. I'm currently reading a delicious story from Penny Watson [part of a series that I highly recommend] called Sweet Adventure. Then there's Megan Crane's Coming Home for Christmas, Cowboy to crack open. 

My Writer's Life continues from a different location.......